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IndyCar 101 – Rear Wing Beam Flaps

Jon Beekhuis, the ABC and NBCSN pit reporter and technical expert, gives the lowdown on the rear wing beam flaps added this year to help slow Verizon IndyCar Series cars when they spin backward on superspeedways like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval.

The Texas A&M University Oran W. Nicks Low Speed Wind Tunnel was happy to participate in increasing safety for IndyCar drivers.

Ten inducted into Aerospace Alumni Academy

“The Aerospace Engineering Honorary Engineer Award is presented to non-Texas A&M University alumni who have made major contributions to the engineering profession and whose support of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M merits recognition. The two honorees given this distinction were Oran Nicks and John Slattery, Ph.D…” Continue Reading

Pictured from left to right: Phyllis Nicks – accepting the award on behalf of her husband and former tunnel director Oran W. Nicks, Ed White – current director of the wind tunnel, and Lisa Brown – current test engineer at the tunnel.

Cobb Mobb – A Day at the A&M Wind Tunnel

So what exactly is a day in the wind tunnel like for a cyclist or triathlete? Well, it will vary greatly depending on the testing goals of the company, team or athlete booking the day. On this particular day, The Tri Shop wanted to focus mainly on the aero data numbers of various bikes, wheels, helmets and other accessories they sell at the shop, so I’ll focus here on what happens during that kind of day…  Continue Reading


Sandia Research Reveals Erosion Reduces Wind Turbine Performance

“Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories revealed that leading-edge erosion on wind turbine blades can have a detrimental effect on wind turbine aerodynamic performance within the second year of operation. Light erosion may lead to a 5% decrease in annual energy production, and heavy erosion may reduce energy production by as much as 25%….”