What sets the Oran W. Nicks Low Speed Wind Tunnel apart from similar facilities is the ability to make a model from scratch in house. Once the model has been designed, the LSWT has all the necessary tools, machines, and expertise to build a top-notch wind tunnel model.

The LSWT machine shop consists of manual machines as well as CNC machines. In the manual side of the shop, the LSWT has a drill press, lathe, hydraulic press, and more. The manual machines also afford students the chance to learn how to manufacture from the experienced LSWT staff. In addition, the LSWT also has a FADAL, wire EDM, and CNC lathe that are indispensable when making complex wind tunnel models.




Throughout the modeling process, the customer is kept well informed with progress photos and updates. The build culminates in a model buy-off where the customer will come to the LSWT to inspect the model prior to testing. Should any changes need to be made, the LSWT machine shop can update change any necessary components prior to testing saving valuable time.