Test Initiation

Step One – Initial Inquiry

Inquiries for testing can be made by phone or email. The more details provided about the test and its purpose, the better we can assist with test definition and scheduling. Below are a few questions to prepare you for the initial inquiry. We often execute non-disclosure agreements with prospective customers before exchanging this information.

  • What is the test objective?
  • What data is needed and how will it be used?
  • Do you have a preliminary test matrix?
  • Who will build the model and how will it be constructed?
    • The LSWT provides design and fabrication services. We design and build about half the models we test.
  • When would you like to perform the test?
  • What are the approximate dimensions of your test article?

A conference call will be scheduled with test engineers to assist you with defining your scope of work and confirm that it is a project that can be executed at the LSWT.

Step Two – Test Acceptance

Once a basic test objective, approach, scope, and timeline are established, we move through the next series of steps. To reserve a test day and begin detailed test preparations, the following are the next steps:

  1. The director will issue a formal proposal outlining the test objective, scope, timeline, any model manufacturing, and an itemized quote for the entire entry. If needed, a conference call will be scheduled to confirm additional details or clarify the scope of work.
  2. The client accepts the proposal.
  3. A Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) contract is signed by the client and a non-refundable deposit is sent to the wind tunnel in order to reserve a specific test day. For more information on deposits and the cost of testing, please see the pricing page.
  4. Once a deposit has been received, project preparations begin.